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Lecture by Dr Naik mam was very precise and well elaborated . It added a lot of new practical as well as theoretical content to my knowledge.

Dr.  Vinit Rajapure

Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

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I had a very good experience in entire course. Felt homely and satisfaction during entire course. Its very useful and builds confidence in an individual who like to live independently.

Very pleasant environment. Happy to be a part of family of HarbaCare Academy.

Dr.  Bhargavi  Kalvakunta



The Cosmetology classes were so interesting. It was really a good experience from Dr. Naik. You taught us well and gave us good practical training.
The study material was excellent and useful for our future also.
The practical sessions were more interesting. We got an opportunity to handle the machines in a confident way only due to the support of Dr. Naik. 
We were provided good accommodation and food facilities. 
It will be an everlasting memory in my life. 

We got an excellent product making training in HarbaCare Academy under the guidance of Dr. Naik. This is really of great use in our Practitioner life ahead.

Dr.  Chithra  K.S.

Cochin, Kerala

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Dr.  Sreeja  K.G.

Cochin, Kerala

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Cosmetology class was very interesting and gave me insights of how to use the machines well. Classes helped to improve my confidence level to practice Cosmetology in an expanded form. Notes provided are good and very well explained by Dr. Vidyulata and then the practical sessions are held. It helps us to understand very well the theory and practicals. I attended very interestingly and I really thank Dr. Vidyulata Madam for the wonderful sessions.

Previously I attended only the CMEs regarding Cosmetology in Kerala, but could not understand how to use the machines. In my clinic almost all instruments are there and kept safe for last 3 years. So I feel extremely happy after attending the Cosmetology Course at HarbaCare Academy, as I will now get to use my machines on my patients. I express my sincere thanks to Madam and HarbaCare Academy.

The Product making Workshop was excellent. We will definitely get good results in patients if we have our own products prepared by ourselves. So it will be very helpful in my entire life and profession. Dr. Vidyulata explains each and every product in details and given the notes in a very useful and simple manner. We are expecting more and more workshop regarding products, not only related with Cosmetology, but in clinical practice also.

Dr. Vandana Kaware

Satara, Maharashtra.

Dr. Vidyulata has very well blended our Ayurveda with all Cosmetology treatments. We start right from Case paper, diagnosis & treatment in practicals. Doubts were very well explained and cleared. The best part of this course is that we need to give theory & practical exams, so we thoroughly read  individual topics from notes in the evening and get our doubts cleared next morning itself. This tremendously helps to build our confidence. 

Felt very satisfied and happy.

Cosmetic Product Making Workshop was very systematically conducted. We ourselves get to know what we are adding in a product, so it becomes safer and easier to expect results of treatments. All Ayurveda practitioners should learn product making workshop. This will help a lot in their practice.

Waiting for next workshops...

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I got to know about this course from the internet and since then I had a strong desire to attend this course under Dr. Vidyulata madam. When I came to learn here, I felt as if I am learning at my own home and I felt the same way till the end. I never felt any fear to ask any doubts to Dr. Vidyulata. She makes you feel very comfortable. 

Whatever I have learned, I am sure it is of great help to me and will help me in my future progress. My confidence in handling cosmetic problems of patients has boosted up. Thank You very much Dr. Vidyulata madam and HarbaCare Academy !!!

Nd. Sunita Nehete

Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

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Enjoyed the course with Dr. Vidyulata madam. It is very useful in our day to day practice. Madam taught us very nicely and frankly and very carefully. It gave me much confidence in treating skin problems of patients. Its a very informative and creative course. I loved it !

Dr. Arati Mhavashe

Satara, Maharashtra

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It was a good experience, got to learn a lot of topics. Feeling very Happy. Got all the information about Cosmetology & machine treatments. We got to operate all the machines. All our mistakes were promptly brought to our notice. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Teaching workplace and ambience was good. Enjoyed a lot. Food provided was also of good quality.

Dr. Deepa Jage

Kalyan, Maharashtra.

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Dr. Asma Jamadar

Sangli, Maharashtra.

This course was EXCEPTIONAL in EVERY regard.... Organized, informative, entertaining. The knowledge given by Dr. Vidyulata mam is very helpful to me. Mam is very enthusiastic and really aware of explaining. The classes helps to build confidence. I will take any course that Maam teaches. It was the most organized course I ever had. Excellent balance of online 10 days lectures & 3 days practicals, hands on training & exams.

My overall experience with HARBACARE ACADEMY for Diploma in Cosmetology is fantastic.

Thanks mam for such an informative and concept clearing lectures and the wonderful knowledge you gave us. Thank You HarbaCare Academy & Team.



As it is always said that if you provide good foundation to a plant it grows in a huge tree. Being an undergraduate student of ayurveda I had keen interest about skin and hair, this course has given me the practical experience about cosmetology before jumping into masters degree. Since it is lockdown period so I was a bit panic that how the course is going to be conducted online, but it was really amazing experience as this got accomplished with lots of adjustments made by Vidyulata ma'am, be it my network problem or my online college, she fixed it and nothing was left untaught. After every lecture I was able to correlate many things which I studied in my medschool and ofcourse Vidyulata ma'am was there to solve any doubt of mine and I am sure she will be doing that for me if I ask her in future also.

After lockdown ended, I was given a proper Hands on training for 3 days and I then gave the exam.

A huge thankyou to HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy for providing me this wonderful opportunity and for my first cosmetology mentor😄✌🏻

Dr. Prajakta Sutar

Vasai, Maharashtra.

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This Online & Offline Cosmetology classes is very interesting. I am very glad to take this classes. Thank you so much Maam.

Dr. Surbhi Salunkhe - Tupe

Nashik, Maharashtra.


Dr. Pratiksha Chavan

Sangli, Maharashtra.

Myself, Dr. Pratiksha Shankar Chavan - a student of HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy.
In this 15 days course, I got knowledge of all Cosmetic machines and got to perform them hands on, on actual patients. It was a new experience. I got a lot of knowledge in these 15 days. So I am very satisfied.
I always had an interest to learn Skin and Cosmetology and I was able to learn in Kolhapur so I am very thankful to Dr. Vidyulata Maam.
This course is definitely going to benefit me in future.

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Myself, Dr. Kamal Naik. I attended this Cosmetology Course which was conducted by HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy.
I am very thankful to Dr. Vidyulata Naik Madam for this course which was arranged for us in Kolhapur.
The Online theory lectures are very nice and informative. Most new things are learned and heard here.
All the procedures and technical instruments are taught by Madam are very effective and useful.
Three days practicals and last day there was exam which was very sincerely conducted and we enjoyed all the practical with knowledgeable speech and instructions.
I am also thankful to Dr. Naik for guiding us time to time and gave key notes during practicals.
Miss Suvarna, assisstant of Dr. Naik, also helped us during practical training.
I am really thankful to all HarbaCare team members for this great and useful Course. I wish them All the Best for the future work and success ahead.

Dr. Kamal Naik

Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

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I am in Ayurvedic Practice since 15 years and also practising Cosmetic offcourse Ayurvedic in large scale. To update knowledge of advance technology and new skills, I joined this course 'Diploma in Cosmetology' conducted by HarbaCare Academy, Mumbai. It is 10 days online course, where all theory part of concerned subject is covered on daily basis which is more than sufficient. Skin, Hair and Nail anatomy, diseases, pathology and treatment part is covered well.
After 10 days, 3 days practical session is conducted physically, where all machines and its techniques, principles are covered well and it is given for practise as well. How Cosmetology (Ayurvedic) is contributing in beauty treatment in its unique way and is different from any contemporary beauty spa and parlour. It is scientific, Ayurveda drugs based Cosmetology course which can give very long lasting results and effects to your patients. I am very thankful to Dr. Vidyulata Naik Madam for her dedicated contributions towards the course and personal attention to every student of the batch.
I am very thankful for the hospitality also.

Dr. Swati Patil

Sangli, Maharashtra.

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Dr. Vivek Kumar

Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

I am Dr. Vivek Kumar from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Did Cosmetology course from HarbaCare Academy under the guidance of Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik.
With your guidance mam, I feel confident and capable of doing all procedures of Cosmetology.
Thank You for your guidance and such a wonderful learning experience.

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Dr. Reshma Choudhari

Jalna, Maharashtra.

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I was planning to join this course and learn Cosmetology under Dr. Vidyulata since the last 1.5 years. At last that dream was fulfilled today. I was in contact with Dr. Vidyulata since a very long time and I would often tell her my wish to visit her. I bought some serums and creams for my patients from Dr. Vidyulata and they gave excellent results, due to which my patients were very happy. That's why I was desperate to join and learn under Dr. Vidyulata.
Dr. Vidyulata very well explained all the skin diseases and machine treatments for them. I got to learn a lot of new things under Dr. Vidyulata.
The staff here is also very cooperative. Overall, the online theory and offline practical course was very well conducted.

Dr. Rajeshwari Gajare

Jalna, Maharashtra.


I had joined for Cosmetology Course, Product making workshop & LASER Treatment Course at HarbaCare Academy. The entire courses were very well conducted by Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am in a systematic manner. I got to learn a lot under her not only about Cosmetology, Products & LASERS but also about Ayurveda and how to blend these great fields to get faster results. I got to practice on actual patients and I was happy to see the immediate results of my own hands-on-treatment on them. My confidence  has increased and I believe I can treat Cosmetic patients safely with these machines in my clinic. Learning under Dr. Vidyulata actually helped me alot as her knowledge in Cosmetology is very deep and she explains minute details & mistakes which we make unknowingly. I am happy I joined here only to learn Cosmetology, making Products and training in LASERS .

Dr. Mrinali Sonaje

Solapur, Maharashtra.

It was an excellent experience. Thank you very much Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am. You made the concepts very easy to learn and understand. The hands on training was amazing and sufficient to develop my confidence in Machine treatments. Got to learn unique techniques in Cosmetic treatments and learned many new things even in Ayurveda. Ambience of the clinic is very good. I will recommend my Doctor friends to join this course and train yourself in Cosmetology under Dr. Vidyulata madam.


Dr. Preety Khebude
Thane, Maharashtra.

Its a great experience with HarbaCare. Its a great place for learning and treatment in the field of Cosmetology.
Dr. Vidyulata is an amazing clinician and teacher, skilled and helpful.
I highly recommend HarbaCare Cosmetology Course who is interested to do a lot in Cosmetology and LASER field.
Lectures and hands-on practice were very knowledgeable.
I have walked out today feeling very confident and prepared to do work in field of Cosmetology. Thank You HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy and Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik


Dr. Pradnya Shete
Thane, Maharashtra.

HarbaCare Academy is very excellent institute for Cosmetology course. Method of teaching is very good. Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am is having thorough knowledge of each machine technique and know how to teach students in various ways. All the doubts are clarified in an easy way. Staff is also very good and co-operative. Friendly nature boosts the confidence of practicing Cosmetology in our clinics.
I am thankful for each support and learning provided by HarbaCare.


Dr. Kiran Kore
Pune, Maharashtra.

Completed Diploma in Aesthetics at HarbaCare Clinic under Dr. Vidyulata Naik Madam.
Theory explanation was very elaborate and in easily understandable language.
3 days hands-on practical demonstration was very useful. Gained confidence and detail knowledge of each and every machine.
Naik Ma'am is very supportive, patiently cleared all doubts. Even advised us on cosmetic practice setup. Definitely the course is worth the time and money.

Dr. Kiran.jpg

Dr. Lekhana
Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Respected Vidyulata Ma'am,
It was truly pleasurable journey from Banglore to Mumbai as we Ayurvedic Doctors dreamt about the Cosmetology you made a path for us to walk towards our dreams by blending Ayurveda with modern machine treatments and making it more effective. First and foremost thanks alot Madam for such a format you have prepared. We Ayurvedicians salute you for the same. 
Coming to teaching part, really soopercool friendly best of best we learnt from you. You created environment to learn from LIVE sessions rather than dumping bookish knowledge. Thank you so much Maam
Coming to food and hospitality the best we got from you.
Totally we had pleasant memorable useful scientific journey of Cosmetology because of you.
Thank you Maam.

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Dr. Lavanya
Bengaluru, Karnataka.

I heartfully thank you Dr. Vidyulata ma'am, HarbaCare Academy, Mumbai, for teaching us so preciously the Cosmetology theory. Theory classes was so nice, but couldn't exactly get regarding the uses of machines. But after coming her for the practical session, I felt so good and everything was so easy to grasp. The way you taught us was really good Ma'am. You explained each and everything very patiently and also gave us confidence to practice Cosmetology without any fear. Thank you very much mam for the wonderful teaching, practical sessions and guidance. Looking forward for further advanced classes in Cosmetology to learn from you ma'am. Thank you very much.

Dr. Lavanya.jpeg

Dr. Vachana
Mysore, Karnataka.

I thank Dr Vidyulata Naik mam for giving me a wonderful insight about usage of Ayurveda in the field of Cosmetology .
Harbacare Academy is a pioneer in creating a milestone for Ayurvedic Cosmetology.
Madam has given us essential knowledge regarding the concept, practice & patient experience in daily practice.
"Overall experience was memorable with theory and practical hands-on training, I am grateful to Harbacare Academy & Dr. Vidyulata mam for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this new venture. 


Dr. Tahira
Bellari, Karnataka.

I am very thankful to Ma'am Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik for giving us such an inspirational and wonderful course regarding Ayurveda & Cosmetology along with Rasakalpas, internal medicines and explain about skin anatomy with different skin tone on different patients. Got confidence in skin analysis and got confidence to practice alone with different cases. Three days training with hands on practical since 1st day with clearance of all concept is good and wonderful. Thanking You Ma'am.


Dr. Poonam Nikam
Nashik, Maharashtra.

I am so thankful to all team of Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am for conducting such a good Cosmetology course for Ayurvedic Doctors. Course duration is very convenient. I like the course design. It is formulated very nicely for Ayurvedic Doctors which includes machine treatment, product making which is very useful in day to day practice. By removing all unnecessary part from Cosmetology, she has gathered only important part which is appreciable.
Thank you so much Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am for conducting Cosmetology & Laser training for Doctors and providing very good accomodation facility

Dr. Poonam Nikam.jpeg

Dr. Gehan Babu
Kochi, Kerala.

I had a very good experience with this Institute - HarbaCare Academy. From the beginning of the course, Dr. Vidyulata was very much responsible and helpful for us. Even though we had online course (classes), we didn't have to face any difficulty to follow. Atlast practical sessions in the institute itself was very much helpful and convenient which gave us more confidence.
Tonnes of thanks to Dr. Vidyulata for giving us this opportunity. I would surely recommend this institute to my friends.


Dr. Jisha S.
Kottayam, Kerala.

I heart fully thank Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am and HarbaCare Academy, Mumbai for giving the classes regarding Cosmetology. Theory classes were so good and notes given contains all the details about the machines and practical sessions was so nice and make it easy for better understanding. The way you taught was really nice and you explained each minute points in very details and also give us the confidence in practicing Cosmetology. Thank you so much.


Dr. Usha Ramanadham.
Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

Myself Dr. S. Usha from Andhra Pradesh. I completed my P. G. Diploma in Ayurvedic Cosmetology at HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy in Mumbai, under the guidance of Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik.
I am heart fully thank you Doctor for teaching us very patiently. Theory and practical sessions in Mumbai explain clearly on each and every case of patient.
The way she taught was understood and practice on machine without any fear. Thank you very much Ma'am for wonderful academy established by you and making every Ayurvedic student as a Cosmetologist.
I suggest who are interested to expand their Ayurvedic hospitals with extra specialized qualifications can join with this HarbaCare Academy as a pioneer in Mumbai. Thank you.


Dr. Vidyarani C.K.
Calicut, Kerala.

I am thankful to Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am for giving me the knowledge of Cosmetology. I am very happy and she gave me the confidence in treating the patients in Cosmetology. She explained very patiently all the details of treatments. The practical sessions are very nice. She is very friendly in nature. 
Thank You.


Dr. Dipali Shende
Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

I am Dr. Dipali Vishal Shende from Jalgaon. I have completed theory lectures and 3 days practical and exam from HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy. I am feeling very happy to share my experience in Cosmetology course with HarbaCare Academy. First 10 days Dr. Vidyulata Naik Ma'am taught us theory regarding skin, hair very properly. So that theoretical concept got cleared at that time. After that we all were very curious about machines treatments and many practical concepts regarding machines was unclear, but after completing 3 days practical sessions, Dr. Vidyulata Naik Ma'am covered and cleared all the doubts about Machine treatments by giving handson practice on machines. Thank you Dr. Vidyulata Naik Ma'am for teaching us and thank you HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy.


Dr. Sheetal Keskkar
Thane, Maharashtra.

I had enrolled my name for P. G. Diploma Course in Cosmetology at HarbaCare of Dr. Vidyulata Naik.
This is the first institution where I have seen 3-4 students in one batch. This has benefited us for hands on practical on patients. Due to this, our theory part got fitted in our brain, mind which is very much needed for a Doctor.
Dr. Vidyulata is very charming, sweet spoken lady, always ready to clear our doubts. I recommend all to do this course at HarbaCare. Once again thank you Doctor for your nice teaching, explaining and clearing our doubts.

Dr. Sheetal P.R.P..jpeg

Dr. Vaishnavi Sarvaiya
Kalyan, Maharashtra.

Myself, Dr. Vaishnavi Sarvaiya from Kalyan. I have always had interest in Cosmetology, So I came across HarbaCare Academy on FB. Contacted Dr. Vidyulata Mam for all details and asked whether I will be able to learn everything within the limited duration. So I joined first 10 days where the online lectures which Ma'am cleared for us so theory became easy. But still there was fear of handling machines. In these 3 days, we got full hands-on practice on every machine over patients. Now I am confident enough to handle machines. Great hospitality by Ma'am and her staff.
I am proud enough to say that I am Certified Cosmetologist and heartily thank Dr. Vidyulata Ma'am for giving us that knowledge and confidence to step into this Cosmetology field.


Dr. Subhashini V
Hyderabad, Telangana.

I am Dr. Subhashini, from Hyderabad. Doing an online & offline course on Cosmetology offered by Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik was an amazing experience. Time just flew away when we started learning and practicing the course. The way Dr. Vidyulata explained the theory became more clear when we came for practicals. It was a nice productive time to see so many cases with different skin issues and how to understand them and plan the treatment. Dr. Vidyulata is a wonderful person with both beauty and brains. Her thought process invoked us to think things as why are we doing a process. She is soopercool and very effective trainer. Had a wonderful time in Mumbai with Dr. Vaishnavi and Dr. Gayatri. Thanks to Dr. Vidyulata for all the knowledge she shared with us to upgrade us. Never missed home here.


Dr. Gayatri Garud
Kalyan, Maharashtra.

Feedback will be just small word to describe the experience in 3 days.
Dr. Vidyulata Naik is just amazing. She has best training institute. I am grateful to be her student. My basic doubts have been solved by her. I never felt to have such experience.
These 3 days were the gem of all overall training session. Dr. Naik has such fresh personality that everyone will be charged positively. She has built great confidence in me. I am sure, I could practice now as Cosmetologist with handy machine treatments.
Thank you Madam!!!

Dr Gayatri.jpg

Dr. Shubhangi Ware 
P.G.D.C.C. (HarbaCare)

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Dr. Jakkani Kavitha
B.A.M.S. ; P.G.D.A.C. (HarbaCare)

Nizamabad,  Telangana

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