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Disclaimer: : HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy is a private academy (registered under M.S.M.E.) in skills enhancing courses in the Beauty, Health & Wellness sector. The said academy is neither a college, nor a University nor a Deemed University. It is made clear that we train you to become a Cosmetologist not a Dermatologist. Cosmetology subject comes under vocational stream and is not a degree course. Hence, all our courses at HarbaCare Academy are professional Vocational Courses, not Degree Courses. We do not provide you any job placements. Success or failure of the individual in practice / job / business is attributable to the individual’s capabilities. HarbaCare Academy or its management team shall not be responsible for any lapses / failure.

The certificates for 'P.G.D.A.C. / P.G.D.H.C. / P.G.D.C.C. / D.C.C. / F.M.C.' or 'Master Course in LASER Therapies' or 'Master Course in P.M.U.' are awarded for skills and are not a license to practice in the injectable procedures such as Botox, Fillers, Hair Transplant, Higher level peels etc. Such procedures are to be done only by qualified, trained doctors or as per prevailing Acts / Regulations in their respective states of practice. Certificates which have been awarded for Master Course in Modern Cosmetology Course (Botox / Derma Fillers) are valid only in states which permit use of Injectables by non-allopathic Doctors in their practice.

HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy is a training centre accredited to an autonomous vocational education board which is registered with Govt. of Maharashtra / mum 2016, Govt. of India.
If any Candidate joining for any courses at HarbaCare Academy has any query or issues regarding the Certification provided from the autonomous vocational board, applicant Candidate has to directly approach the autonomous vocational board only. Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik & HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy is not responsible or liable for any legal action / claim / refund / compensation of any kind whatsoever, by the applicant candidate. All disputes are subjected to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Applicant’s authenticity of certificate verification will be done through email only and as per confidential policy no other documents of HarbaCare Academy or its Team members will be shared with Applicant, Recruitment and Document Verification agency. HarbaCare Academy and its team reserves the right to deny any request for the same.

On the basis of certificates provided by HarbaCare Academy, You can only practice Cosmetology in your clinic. 
You cannot legally start / join an academy or institute to teach or share your knowledge gained at HarbaCare Academy, with any other Doctors or medical / non-medical students. You will be held legally responsible for penalty & legal action for the same under Mumbai jurisdiction.

At HarbaCare, our job is to provide you quality training in Cosmetology. You can only practice what is taught to you as per your local / state / country rules and regulations & guidelines. We strive to provide you an opportunity to gain International qualification below your names and you should earn more income from the skills you learn.
If you wish to settle abroad and wish to know validity of Certificate in that country, kindly contact the International Board for all details. As per the Board, their Certificates are valid in multiple countries. As it is their Certificate, they are the best people to answer your queries. You can contact the Board personnel on the number given on your International Certificates which you get at the end of the course. Dr. Vidyulata or Harbacare Cosmetology Academy will not be responsible or liable due to any issues arising out of the same.
For practicing abroad, you need Transcript and / or other document formalities from the board. The cost of these documents will be extra apart from your fees and you will need to pay these charges to get the documents.

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