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HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy

Your Journey to the amazing world of Cosmetology begins here.

Felicitation of Dr. Vidyulata by Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra as
"The Iconic Ayurvedic Cosmetologist Doctor"

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Dr. Vidyulata receiving the Medal of Honour From Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra

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Tweet on Official Twitter Account of Hon'ble Governor.

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Dr. Vidyulata's Article in Midday on Ayurvedic Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a vocational skill based subject which you need to  learn from Zero as it is never taught in our academic life. Hence, what quality of content you learn about Cosmetology, from which Academy you learn Cosmetology, and under whom you learn Cosmetology matters the most. This will decide how far you will succeed in your Cosmetology career. When learned under a proper Cosmetologist trainer, it will create a Milestone in your clinical career. Getting awarded in this field as the "Iconic Ayurvedic Cosmetologist Doctor" at the hands of Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra clearly shows the caliber, high standard, knowledge, skills & experience of Dr. Vidyulata in the field of Cosmetology and also indicates that learning Ayurvedic Cosmetology under Dr. Vidyulata can help you tremendously, to boost your career growth. Be assured that you will be getting trained by "THE BEST AMONGST THE BEST" in the field of Cosmetology. Your entire income from Cosmetology is your additional income. More the Cosmetology skills and techniques you learn at HarbaCare, more will be your extra income.

Although both operate for heart diseases, a Cardiac Surgeon never trains under a Cardiologist and vice versa.
Similarly, Cosmetology can be best learned only under CIDESCO Cosmetology Topper - Dr. Vidyulata. 
Understand what subject you are will understand where you need to learn.
There are many minute tips and tricks which only a CIDESCO Cosmetologist knows and can teach you.

HarbaCare Academy is registered with Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Ministry of M.S.M.E.), Government of India.

About Academy

About HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy

Your Gateway To Become A Certified International Cosmetologist

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HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy was initiated with the aim of teaching all medical practitioners, the knowledge of Cosmetology and enable them to treat the Cosmetic problems of their patients with the help of advanced modern Cosmetology machines. In our course, you get to learn all aspects of Skin, Hair & Nails - which are essential for our medical practice. Get your admission at our HarbaCare Academy - the Best Cosmetology Academy for Doctors. It will definitely help you in your clinical practice.

HarbaCare Academy is a registered private, unaided academy teaching medical professionals how to blend Ayurveda & Cosmetology. Located in Mumbai - Maharashtra, HarbaCare Academy is one of the leading training Academies in the field of Cosmetology.

Our Aim is to teach Cosmetology to each and every Doctor in India, practicing in his / her clinic. We impart theoretical and practical Cosmetology knowledge to Doctors having an interest and passion for treating Cosmetic problems like Acne, Hyper-pigmentation, Early Ageing Signs, Open pores, Tanning, Moles, Wrinkling, Dark Circles, Comedones etc. and many more. Combining our medical knowledge with Cosmetology gives tremendous quick and satisfactory results in dealing with common cosmetic problems of our patients.

Many Doctors from various states of India have already taken benefit of our course. Join now & Be a part of our ever growing family of HarbaCare Academy Cosmetologist Doctors. 

Interested Doctors should learn under CIDESCO (Switzerland) Cosmetologist - Dr. Vidyulata and boost your medical practice by effectively treating Cosmetic problems of your patients, using modern Cosmetology machines. You will learn only once, but it will benefit you in your entire lifelong clinical career !!!

Stop Thinking.... Its a golden opportunity which will benefit you for a lifetime.

Grab your chance to practice Cosmetology in your clinics.

​Learn from the Best...Be the Best !!!

Only at HarbaCare Academy.

About Dr. Vidyulata

About Dr. Vidyulata Naik

Dr. Vidyulata completed her graduation from G.E.S., Ayurvedic Medical College, Kolhapur and completed her M.D. in R.S.B.K. from Shri J. G. C. H. S. Ayurvedic Medical College, Ghataprabha, Karnataka.


She completed her CIDESCO Cosmetology (Zurich - Switzerland) and bagged the Gold Medal in her exams. She practices Ayurveda & Cosmetology since last 10 years. As Dr. Naik is a CIDESCO Cosmetologist from Zurich - Switzerland University, she is completely legally authorized to award Certificates to Doctors in India and her Certificates are valid for your Cosmetic practice anywhere in India.

Be assured, you are getting trained under safe hands by Dr. Vidyulata.


So at HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy, you get to learn under a Gold Medallist, about how to handle the Cosmetic problems both - internally by Ayurveda as well as externally by modern Cosmetology machines and therapies (as per International guidelines & protocols), thereby providing a holistic approach. 

Dr. Vidyulata believes that all our Doctor students deserve the highest level of knowledge and confidence to deal with Cosmetic problems, and we are committed to providing just that. 

HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy is here for you.


Dr. Vidyulata S. Naik
M.D. (R.S.B.K.)
CIDESCO (Switzerland) - Gold Medal
Trichologist (Mauritius)
International Trainer in Cosmetology

(Practicing Ayurveda & Cosmetology since last 11 years)


Opening Hours

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Mon - Sun : 10 am - 7 pm. 

Get in Touch

Unit 102, C-3 Wing, Sai Kanwal Complex,

D. N. Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053.

Landmark Near D. N. Nagar Metro Station.

+91 9699152041.


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Disclaimer :

At HarbaCare, we are vocational training providers training you to become a Cosmetologist, not a Dermatologist.

You can only practice as per your local / state / central government rules and regulations. Click here

P. S.  Each student has his / her own preference regarding the quality of stay they want. Many students visit with their families. So we do not provide accommodation during your offline training in Mumbai. We can share nearby hotel / hostel contact numbers on request. You yourself need to pay & book your rooms before visiting Mumbai. 

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