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Cosmetology Academy
Refer & Earn
Dear Students, 
It gives me immense pride to have you as my students.
My journey of HarbaCare Cosmetology Academy began in March 2019 with the only mission of training Ayurvedic Doctors in the field of Ayurvedic Cosmetology and make them prosper.
When you get an International qualification, you open the door to your International career. This is the first step of you getting a global identity. 
Last week, One of my student's father from Karnataka said - he feels very proud to see his daughter become an International Ayurvedic Cosmetologist Doctor thanks to HarbaCare. He blessed me.
He is the principal of a college in Karnataka. 
That time I realized that this must be the wish of thousands of fathers to see their son / daughter gain an International qualification and gain a global identity. 
I want to fulfill this wish of every parent. I want each and every father & mother to experience this happiness of their child's success. This is my dream, my mission. 

It is my strong belief that being followers of our own Indian System of Medicine, our Ayurvedic Doctors should earn at par with Doctors of modern medicine in one way or the other. For that I have trained you in Ayurvedic Cosmetology.
But now I want You to recover the fees paid by you at HarbaCare. So we have started a "LEARN, REFER & EARN" scheme. In this scheme, after You learn Ayurvedic Cosmetology at HarbaCare, you can refer your Doctor friends to HarbaCare. For every Doctor referred by you, when they complete their P.G.D.A.C. / D.C.C. / F.M.C. training at HarbaCare, You will earn a reward of ₹ 5,000/- which will be credited to your account. This amount is being paid from our own income and we are NOT charging anything extra from the students whom you have referred. All You need to do is refer and make sure your friend submits the admission form and completes the course.
Please do refer your Doctor friends, juniors, seniors and batchmates :
  • If you have genuinely liked our courses and training imparted by Dr. Vidyulata. 
  • If your parents felt very happy & proud to see Your name & photo on Your International certificate. 
  • If you want Dr. Vidyulata to succeed in her mission to make every father & mother proud of his / her daughter's International achievement.
  • Ayurveda will continue to prosper only if each and every Ayurvedic Doctors prosper. Ayurvedic Cosmetology is the key for prosperity. I love Ayurveda and I am doing my part in taking Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Doctors forward. If you too love Ayurveda, please help me in making every Doctor learn Ayurvedic Cosmetology and prosper in their career. Your one kind act of referral can build someone's career in Ayurvedic Cosmetology. More power to You Doc !!! 
Terms for earning the reward :
You should inform and convince your friend to join the Cosmetology Courses at HarbaCare. You need to send HarbaCare admission form link to your Doctor friend and get it filled and submitted before closing date of admission for that batch. Click here for admission form link. As per change in board fees and instructions, syllabus and course fee can change. Make sure you give the latest information to your friends. 
In our admission form, We have added a question to know from where a doctor got to know about HarbaCare and our Cosmetology Courses. 
Your friend should write only your name in that question. If your name is not in mentioned by your friend in the reference section, we will be unable to pay you any reward. If your friend writes names of 2 or 3 Doctors in that section, the reward amount will be split among the other Doctors. 
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The reward amount will be paid to you online after your referred student completes his / her practical training in Mumbai. 
All decisions will be taken by Dr. Vidyulata which will be considered final and abide to all students. 
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