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It's Your Name... Give it a Multinational Identity.

Parents give you a Name,

But YOU have to give your name an Identity.

You need to add value and weightage to your name.


Gain a Multinational qualification under your name.

Throughout last 25-30 years you have worked hard to earn a degree but you are earning just in thousands....

If you want to break this barrier in your career, give 3 months of your time with full dedication, to learn Ayurvedic Cosmetology...

Remember : Money attracts money. The amount you invest at HarbaCare to learn Ayurvedic Cosmetology can become your monthly income if you fully dedicate yourself to Ayurvedic Cosmetology career and walk on that path. You have to invest only Once, but You Benefit for your Entire Lifetime !!!

I want you to start earning in lakhs because Ayurveda will prosper in future only if EACH ONE OF YOU PROSPER. I have understood this very clearly. Your income should be at par with other medicos. I can't do this alone. I need Your Support to build Your Career. Together We Can. Let's do this for future of Ayurveda.

I want to create your example for future Ayurvedic Doctors.

I want them to remember YOU for Your Work.

Each one of you MUST LEARN Multinational P.G.D.A.C. at HarbaCare.

This is not a competition with each other. This is a competition with all those who still consider us inferior, with those who did not believe in you, who taunts you.

Ab Waqt hai unhe kuch kar dikhaneka.

If you want to make a line look small, you don't need to erase it... Just build a bigger line besides it.

Similarly if you want to make your critics feel small, you don't need to fight / argue with them. Just add a Multinational Certification to your name, your critics will go silent and once they see your patients results, they will start praising you.

Self experience 🙂


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