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P. G. Diploma in Medical Cosmetology
Mastery Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Your Entry to International Grand Cosmetology Conference in Malaysia in September 2024. 
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Gave an opportunity to my students to be on world stage and receive awards for completion of International Course in Facial Injectables in Bangkok, Thailand.
Do you feel inspired by looking at these pics? Do you feel your children will get inspired by seeing YOU in such pics on an International platform? A daughter will make every efforts to make her father superproud and a mother can go to any length to inspire her children. If yes, join HarbaCare and learn Ayurvedic Cosmetology / P.G.D.M.C. If you have ambitions to be on world stage platform, in front of International audience, Join P.G.D.M.C. 
It's a complete package. Your 2 way flight tickets, hotel stay as per Malaysia training schedule, breakfast, lunch is included. Seats are limited. Don't risk losing this opportunity. 
  • Aesthetics

  • Trichology 

  • Dermatology

  • Cosmetic Product Making

  • Aromatherapy (Notes)  

  • Chemical Peel

  • Cosmetology

  • HomeCare Remedies (Notes)

  • Lasers

  • Microblading

  • Micropigmentation eyebrows

  • Gynoaesthetics

  • Korean techniques

  • Botox & Fillers

  • Collagen Banking Techniques

  • Melasma Removal Procedures

  • Patient Safety in Aesthetic Medicine

  • Non-Surgical Double Eyelid Creation

  • Exosomes for Skin & Hair

  • Korean Skin Care Boosters

  • Bright Eyes Treatment Techniques

  • Laser Treatments in Aesthetics

  • Combing Therapies for Optimal Results

Entry pass  to International Seminar in Malaysia. 
Includes Hotel Stay as per seminar schedule.
Includes Complimentary Breakfast & Lunch.  

Learn from world class International Cosmetologists during their lectures about advanced techniques in Cosmetology.
You get to know and buy latest Cosmetic products trending in International markets. 

Duration of INTERNATIONAL P.G.D.M.C. Course

Online Theory Lectures : 14 Days

Online Product Making : 2 Days

Online Practical Task : 2 Sundays

Offline (Mumbai Centre) : 6 Days

Day 1 to 5 : Machine practicals

Day 6 : Theory + Practical & Viva Exams

After exams you need to undergo 4 months Internship period and submit data of 15 Cosmetic patients successfully treated by you in your clinic.


INR : 3,50,000/-  (Includes Conference Pass, Hotel Stay at Kuala Lumpur, 2 way Flight Tickets between Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur, Breakfast, Lunch. Hotel room will be shared between 2 students.) 

  • EMI 1 : 1,00,000 Online (to fill admisison form) 

  • EMI 2 : 1,00,000 Online (before start of Online Theory Lectures) 

  • EMI 3 : 1,00,000 Online (before start of Online practicals) 

  • EMI 4 : 50,000 Cash (on 1st day of Offline practicals in Mumbai) 

2-3 years into the future when you will look back on your career, you will surely be proud of your decision to learn Ayurvedic Cosmetology at HarbaCare Academy.

Disclaimer :
Usually the topics in International seminar includes Botox, Fillers, PMU. So before going to seminar, you need to know atleast basics of all these advanced procedures. Otherwise you won't understand anything in the seminars. An overview of these techniques will be covered in this course. 

Local / State / Central Govts. keep changing and as such their rules and regulations for RMPs. also change with time. Practice of injectables &/or Lasers is completely dependant on your individual local / state rules. We provide information about latest Cosmetology techniques. Your practice needs to be in line with your local / state / country rules. You yourself need to check whether you are allowed to practice in your locality / state / country. Dr. Vidyulata, HarbaCare Academy or International board is not liable for any legal / penal action due to issues arising out from the same. We are strictly against any sort of malpractices. 

Some Doctors join the course because for them attending the International conference, taking pictures with foreign dignitaries and gaining knowledge from world class acclaimed Cosmetologists is more important. They also get to know about and buy various Cosmetic products trending in International markets.  Decision to join this course is completely yours. 

Fees once paid will not be refunded / transferred under any circumstances. Hotel for stay in Kuala Lumpur, Breakfast & Lunch is organised by Conference organizers.
Flight schedule will be decided by Dr. Vidyulata and will be final. Very few flights travel to International destinations without any halts. Active co-operation is expected from joining students regarding flight timings. Any issues arising due to airlines will not be liable to HarbaCare academy / Dr. Vidyulata. 

Remember that in such International conferences, you are representing India, its people and its culture. Strict discipline and conduct is expected from you at all times during the conference. You need to compulsorily follow and abide by the instructions given by Dr. Vidyulata. 
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