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Those students and practitioners who wish to learn the basics of ECG and atleast read and report common findings / abnormalities, should join the Basic Batch.

Those students and practitioners who wish to report ECG like a pro and learn to report almost all ECG findings / abnormalities, should join the further Advanced Batch.

Please note that only those students or practitioners who have the knowledge about ECG topics mentioned in our Basic Course OR those who have attended our BASIC BATCH, can attend the Advanced Course. Topics in the Basic Course will not be taught during the Advanced course.

ECG is a wonderful topic, loved by all medical professionals from all streams of medicine especially interns. Sadly, most of us are not trained enough about how to read ECG and it is assumed to be a self-study topic in our UG. The theory we read from books is hard to grasp and highly volatile and concepts are very confusing. ECG needs to be taught to be properly understood.


All medical practitioners should know to read ECG, at least the basics of it. Because we can save a life if we diagnose the heart condition in the abnormal ECG at the right time. With this motive, we at HarbaCare, have started teaching ECG to all medical students & practitioners. 

Basic  course

Duration : 2 Days

Time : 2 - 3 pm

Syllabus : 

  1. Normal ECG appearance & abnormalities of each wave.

  2. How to read & report an ECG.

  3. Diagnosis of Cardiac enlargement & Hypertrophy on ECG.

  4. Diagnosis of Heart Blocks.

  5. Diagnosis of Myocardial infarction.

advanced  course

Duration : 3 Days

Time : 2 - 3 pm

Syllabus : 

  1. Congenital Heart Diseases

  2. Acquired Heart Diseases

  3. Disorders of Cardiac Rhythm.

  4. ECG in healthy individuals - the variations.

  5. ECG in breathlessness.

  6. ECG in chest pain.

  7. ECG in palpitation.

  8. ECG in syncope.

  9. ECG in cardiac arrest.

  10. Pacemakers.


Basic Course : 500 /-

Advanced Course : 3,000 /-


Those who take admission for both batches together : 3,200 /-

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